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Part 1: Cost – My Thoughts on Playing Games on Console vs Playing Games on PC

This article’s featured image is from Gamespot’s pretty great Batman: Arkham Knight PlayStation 4 & PC comparison article. It’s become one of the more iconic images when it comes to the fairly outrageous mishandling of the PC port of Arkham Knight. There’s a lot of in-depth information about it, most of it an interesting read. The initial comparisons such as Gamespot’s are a good look, and others about the latest PC patches still being poor, and the statements from Warner […]

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6 Ways Assassin’s Creed Unity Is Better than the Other Ones Even Though It’s Worse than the Other Ones

It’s that time of year again. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is coming out this week, and I didn’t even remember until yesterday. I work in the games industry, but mainly¬†covering Japanese games, so that makes it okay, right? Right? Syndicate has had quite a bit of marketing, but as usual with Ubisoft a little bit too much. It kind of blends into a hum. Background noise. A lot of people are worried this one will be bad in the same ways […]

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Avoid Drowning Podcast #002: Episodic Games & Fan Feedback (A Link to the Games)

Kept you waiting, huh? PoshAlligator and AngstyFerrets (OG: Oscar and George) are finally back in the studio like it’s 2011 or something. Despite some of the audio being lost in a recording hiccup, we still manage to have a pretty lengthy conversation about episodic gaming and fan feedback. Telltale’s librabry through to MGSV: Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain; Assassin’s Creed IV through to BioShock Infinite. We cover it all. Also we talk about the Avoid Drowning weekly theme briefly at […]

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