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adarkhand300big-4cover-3A Dark Hand Frederica Williams is the new girl at Trenton High, having just moved to Trenton, New Jersey following the mysterious demise of her parents. There she meets Alex Murnau, a pale and attractive young man who seems delightfully formal, and Darren, who is pretty much the opposite. Almost as if the two of them are meant to represent opposite extremes. At least they’re not at all similar to any other character in popular culture. Frederica begins to feel torn between the friendship (and possibly more) of both of these boys, especially as neither really seems to approve of the other. How will Frederica get through this difficult time? She has a lot to learn about life and love, and throughout the hilariously dry parody of Twilight, dark romance, and young adult fiction she learns to remove the shackles of societal expectations, and come to terms with who she really is in no uncertain terms. A Dark Hand is a short novella of 12,000 words. The rough draft was initially written in front of a live audience, something which is reflected upon in the included blog post reprint at the end of the book. Release Date: 29/07/2013 Ebook: Amazon UK  / Amazon US  /  Amazon in Most Other Countries Print: Amazon UK  / Amazon US 

A Dark Hand


  • [Upcoming] XX/10/2014: In the Footsteps of Giants in the Reconstructing the Monster anthology.
  • 19/08/2014: Swaying in the Wind in Perspectives Magazine
  • 29/04/2014: Various Entries in Writers Unblocked, an anthology:
    • Poetry
      • Assorted Haiku, p. 37 — Mostly humorous haiku, and a one line poem that isn’t an actual haiku.
      • Gain, p. 38 — A short poem written about Tolly Maggs, whom I was observing in the editing booth as we worked on the post-production of Terrorised, our award-winning short film.
      • Mother’s Day — One Year and Three Years On, p. 39 — A poem about mother’s day and loss.
      • Orange Juice, p. 40 — A humorous poem written in a form inspired by the villanelle.
      • Unwordsworthian, pp. 41-2 — Another poem.
    • Short Stories
      • A Close Brush With Soda, pp. 77-8 — An abstract piece about acceptance and grief. Humorous.
      • Do Not Leave Unattended, pp. 79-81 — The first part of the “Object Trilogy”. About a mug.
      • Smoke & Mirror, p. 82 — Originally written for a 300 word story contest. A homage to pulp detective noire fiction.
      • Swaying in the Wind, pp. 83-5 — Originally written as a Thunderdome entry on the SomethingAwful Forums. Very loosely based on the death of David Grundman.
      • The Clock, pp. 86-8 — The second part of the “Object Trilogy”. This time it’s about a clock that witnesses a murder. Originally printed in Time is of the Essence, 24/04/2012.
    • Scripts
      • Curtains [Sketch], pp. 116-23 — Maude gets more than she bargained for when she lets an eccentric door-to-door salesman try to sell her some curtains.
      • Fine Dining [Sketch], pp. 124-27 — Northerners Adrian and Brian discuss fine dining.
      • Iceburg Special [Short Film], pp. 128-45 — The ruthless businessman Mr. Ice masterminds an engagement between himself and Betty Warmth in order to inherit the Warmth company’s wealth. But what will happen when young burgersmith Eric Burgman gets involved? Can burgering stand-up in the face of capitalism. And just who is this Geoff Foreman fellow?
  • 29/07/2013: A Dark Hand (self-published novella) — A parody/satire of the dark romance genre, which was originally written live online, with an audience. Available commercially for a cheap price by demand.
  • 11/08/2012: Golden Gate [Comic] — Premier Pulp! #3, pp. 17-21 — A collaboration with the fantastic artiste, KaileighBlue.
  • 24/04/2012: Time is of the Essence  — a student anthology — Containing: Haiku (pp. 3, 17), The Time Paradox Confusion (pp. 4-9), The Clock (pp. 18-21), The Five Watches of the Five Corpses Part One (pp. 34-47).
  • XX/03/2012: Burrito Bandit: Part 1 — Premier Pulp! #1, pp. 85-87
  • 12/03/2012: The Five Watches Of The Five Corpses — Part One, 20/03/2012: Part Two A “Charlie Farrallth” adventure. The first part was written for a student anthology based on the theme of “Time”.
  • 05/06/2011 – 12/06/2011: The Golden Comet [Unfinished]An experiment with writing bits of the fiction in a ongoing manner.

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