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Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 Review – “Beyond Redemption”

This episode continues on from Oliver’s announcement that he plans to run for mayor. But overall this is an episode focused on the Lance family. Sara Lance has been revived by Laurel using the Lazarus Pit, in a state that seems far worse from anything Thea has had to go through. While in Star City Detective Lance is having problems with corrupt police in his department, and his meeting with Damian Dhark are also discovered by the Arrow team. On […]

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 4 Review – “The Fury of Firestorm”

I’m a few episodes ahead of my reviews at the moment, and I was briefly excited to write this one thinking it was the next episode. That’s right, I completely forgot that this episode existed, which may go to show right away what I thought about it. You’d think it would be more memorable, as this episode introduces one of the new halves of Firestorm — Jefferson Jackson, played by Franz Drameh. The story sees the Flash Team trying to track […]

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 3 Review – “Restoration”

This episodes focuses on two stories, splitting the Arrow team up not just by what they’re dealing with, but also in location. Laurel and Thea travel to Nanda Parbat with Sara’s corpse to ask Malcolm Merlyn, the new R’as al Ghul after the finale of Season 3, if they can use the Lazarus Pit to bring Sara back to life (even though Thea thinks this is a bad idea). Thea also wants some answers to her Lazarus Pit blood lust. […]

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 3 Review – “Family of Rogues”

The Flash‘s “Rogue” episodes, all featuring Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) and sometimes extending to his sometimes partner Mick Rory (Heatwave) and sister, Lisa Snart (Golden Glider), have been a little bit hit and miss. Though it has to be said that Wentworth Miller always puts in a great, though somewhat hammy, performance as Captain Cold. As the main non-meta human villains in the snow, all using special powered guns (ice, fire, and… gold, somehow?), they provide a nice reprieve from […]

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Constantine Season One Review

That’s right, I’m putting “season one” in the title even though there’s probably never going to be a second one. This NBC television adaptation of John Constantine, Hellblazer was cancelled after only 13 episodes. It’s a real shame, as there was some elements of the season that I really, really liked. But on the other hand it’s also quite flawed. Either way, when watching it knowing it got cancelled, that fact hangs over it like a curse, and becomes hard to separate […]

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 2 Review – “The Candidate”

The villain of the week this episode is Lonnie Machin (Alexander Calvert), who comic fans may know as Anarky. His Anarky alias doesn’t become apparent until the end of the episode when he leaves the Anarchy “A” mark on something. Did the events of the episode drive him to become Anarky? Or was he Anarky all along? That’s how hard it is to care about or follow the main “threat” of the episode. Also he was a member of some […]

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 Review – “Flash of Two Worlds”

This episode picks right up from where the last episode left off, with the mysterious man called Jay Garrick (played by Teddy Sears) warning the Flash team that they are in danger. The metal lighting bolt helmet that appeared through the wormhole in the final episode of the last season belongs to him. Turns out he is from the same world as Atom Smasher, an alternate Earth, and he’s The Flash from that world. Garrick was torn from his world through […]

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 Review – “Green Arrow”

Arrow has seen Oliver progress through vigilante names over time. At first he is know simply as “the Vigilante”, then “the Hood”, then “the Arrow”. This reflects his different statuses as the series goes on, his progression from a vigilante with an agenda to a protector of the city. The series is based on the Green Arrow comic book, so it seemed likely they would get to the point where he was known as the Green Arrow eventually, especially with […]

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Arrow Season 3 Review

Contrary to Season 2, Arrow Season 3 begins with everything being pretty upbeat. Things seem to finally be going right for Oliver Queen as the Arrow, along with the rest of his team, now including Roy as a red-hooded archer (later donning the name Arsenal). Captain Lance calls off the anti-Vigilante task force at the beginning of the season. It seems that the Arrow is finally seen as a force for good, thanks to his efforts to re-establish himself in […]

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 1 Review – “The Man Who Saved Central City”

I wasn’t sure what to make of The Flash at first, but I grew to love the first season, as cheesy as it could be at times. With that said, the ending wasn’t fantastic. I don’t usually like when TV seasons end on cliffhangers. Strangely the first episode of The Flash doesn’t open with the resolving of the horrific cataclysm terrorizing Central City, but 6 months down the line, the same as Arrow Season 4 — the same gap of time […]

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