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Arrow Season 4 Episode 2 Review – “The Candidate”

The villain of the week this episode is Lonnie Machin (Alexander Calvert), who comic fans may know as Anarky. His Anarky alias doesn’t become apparent until the end of the episode when he leaves the Anarchy “A” mark on something. Did the events of the episode drive him to become Anarky? Or was he Anarky all along? That’s how hard it is to care about or follow the main “threat” of the episode. Also he was a member of some […]

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Why Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is one of my favourite games and New ‘n’ Tasty is too (not quite a review)

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, the first game in the Oddworld series, is one of my favourite games of all time. It’s one of the few PlayStation One games I constantly revisit fairly regularly in my life. I was young when I played it on my uncle’s console, and it was the first time I had encountered something with quite so much depth and scope to the world and it was truly entrancing. For the time it looked phenomenal, and the chunky […]

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Roundabout Review

It’s not uncommon for indie games to boast a retro vibe – in fact, possibly the majority. But, while a lot of those result in pixel-based homages to platformers or point and clicks, Roundabout is a pretty perfect pastiche of the FMV video game craze, back from when putting games on a CD was exciting and new. It’s probably the best FMV game ever made. Roundabout marries its fun send-up of FMV sequences with some solid gameplay too. You control […]

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Arrow Season 3 Review

Contrary to Season 2, Arrow Season 3 begins with everything being pretty upbeat. Things seem to finally be going right for Oliver Queen as the Arrow, along with the rest of his team, now including Roy as a red-hooded archer (later donning the name Arsenal). Captain Lance calls off the anti-Vigilante task force at the beginning of the season. It seems that the Arrow is finally seen as a force for good, thanks to his efforts to re-establish himself in […]

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LIVE 34 Review – Big Finish Doctor Who Main Rage #74

LIVE 34 is the third Doctor Who Big Finish audio serial to star the TARDIS team made up of the Seventh Doctor, Ace, and Hex (and the 74th in Big Finish’s monthly range overall). Hex is a Big Finish original character, and as such this is only his third outing ever, after The Harvest (pretty great) and Dreamtime (not too good). Hex’s addition to the audios has been wonderfully refreshing so far, thanks in large part to great performances by […]

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Murdered: Soul Suspect Review – Just a Ghost of an Idea?

After the short tutorial section of Murdered: Soul Suspect you’re thrown into the first area of the game: a block of rundown flats. The first few minutes are engrossing as you move between flats by stepping through walls, eavesdropping on conversations and just sort of looking at people. Then the novelty starts to wear thin and you begin to wonder “this couldn’t be it, could it? There’s more to it than this, surely”. But there really isn’t much more. The […]

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The “Oscars” – Games of the Year 2014 Awards

Different year: same rules. A game of the month for each of the twelve months of the year, followed by a game of the year. I’ll also be dishing out additional awards too, so keep an eye out for those. January – Broken Age: Act 1 Contrary to many armchair video game publishers online I’ve been nothing but impressed with Broken Age. A wonderfully crafted adventure game that is both super approachable in design yet also manages to maintain the charm […]

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Doctor Who: Engines of War Review

Engines of War, written by George Mann, seems to follow the tradition of the other larger-size hardback Doctor Who releases by BBC Books The Wheel of Ice (by Stephen Baxter) and Harvest of Time (Alistair Reynolds). Both of those books featured the second and third Doctors respectively. I don’t think there’s been any confirmation of these books being “part of a series”, but they have had similar releases and all feature past Doctors.

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Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters (2011 Reprint) Review

by Malcolm Hulke(brilliant) illustations by Chris AchilleosIt should perhaps be noted that the original 1974 print is titled Doctor Who and the Cave-Monsters. This difference is actually more relevant than the casual observer might think (though besides a few typos nothing in the text has been changed from the original print). As fans might know, the Silurians were Doctor Who monsters whose name was constantly in dispute. Barry Letts thought that technically they should be called the Eocenes. In this novelisation […]

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The Clockwise Man Review (Doctor Who New Series Adventures 1)

Doctor Who and The Clockwise Manby Justin RichardsThis novel by Justin Richards marks the first entry in the BBC’s New Series Adventures range, designed to tie-in with the 2005 revival series. These novels were (and are) released in batches of three novels, usually with them being one set in the past, one in the future, and one in present day. I’m not sure if that’s entirely true, I haven’t checked, but it seems about right from where I’m standing. The first set […]

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