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Modern DC Films – Thoughts on Suicide Squad, The Killing Joke, Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition, Assault on Arkham

Yeah, everyone knows that when it comes to films of comics Marvel has had more than just a little bit of an upperhand in recent years. Though it’s interesting to think that 2005’s Batman Begins ushered in perhaps a “new era” of superhero film. It’s also interesting to note that the oft though pinnacle of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight, released in 2008, the same year Iron Man also kicked off the now mega successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. With […]

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The Martian Review

I don’t really like films about space very much. Space, like the sea (a comparison which is also made in this film), is pretty scary. Generally a lot of “space films”, especially recently, like to play up that angle. And, when such a film is rooted in a lot of scientific fact, it makes it all the more chilling. This is how space really is and space is scary. I won’t say that The Martian completely eschews that angle — […]

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Radio Rebel Review (TV Movie 2012) – Lots of Teens in Hats

Radio Rebel is the kind of film where all the of the many teens wear hats. Different styles of hats, and at different times. Why bother with genuinely building character, when you can use a hat to do it for you? After all, it is a straight to TV Disney Channel movie. We’re immediately introduced to the concept of Radio Rebel, an anonymous radio broadcast by someone from Lincoln Bay High School, who goes by the same name. Among the […]

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Sorority Wars Review (2009) – If M. Night Shyamalan Made a Teen Chick Flick

Sorority Wars is a made-for-TV film for Lifetime that originally aired in 2009.¬†It bears no relation to either Bride Wars or Star Wars. Or at least, not officially. It stars Lucy Hale as Katie Parker, before her better known role in Pretty Little Liars as the one with the unhealthy relationship with the teacher. The basic premise of Sorority Wars is pretty simple to understand. It’s about two sororities going to war with one another to win the big sorority […]

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Sleepover (2004) Review – Police Approved

Sleepover is a bizarre movie. Even taking into account that it’s a teen chick flick type of movie it’s just straight up one of the weirdest I’ve seen. And this one even had a theatrical release! The movie stars Alexa Vega (later one of the leads in Spy Kids) as Julie Corky, a Middle School¬†grade student. It’s the last day of school and her best friend Hannah is going to be moving away and so won’t be attending the same […]

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