Live Writing: What It Is, and Why It’s Great for Writing Comedy

Those of you who have stared into my eyes for too long in the past four-six months may have seen something bouncing around: my upcoming short novella release entitled A Dark Hand. Either that or I told you.

I finished the first draft forever ago, and while I missed the initial bandwagon of Twilight parodies it might still be all right because it’s funny and an enjoyable read. But I digress, and must insist that the reason I’ve been mentioning it a lot is not just because I’m excited about it, but because like all things worth mentioning the story of its initial creation is a story worth telling.

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The “Oscars” – Games of the Year 2013 Awards

Everything that happens annually is great. My birthday? Amazing. A date with someone of the opposite sex? I mean, it’s okay I guess, but then so are dates with the same sex. An invasive full-body cavity search just to make sure you aren’t accidentally hiding anything? It feels so good, so reassuring. But what I also love is end-of-the-year lists of things. Karl Frampton’s list of the top six nights out this year? A real classic. I printed it off […]

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Tom Clancy is Dead, and So is My Childhood

It was around the same time that I was switching my website over to WordPress with the express purpose of better integrating a blog that I heard about the death of Tom Clancy, on October 1st, 2013. He is best known for being the author of best-selling, and very detailed, military and spy novels, as well as for his involvement with a few video game series, which bore “Tom Clancy’s” in their titles. As writing and video games are my two biggest interests […]

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