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Oh, hi, I didn’t see you there. I was just working on my hip, new website. What’s my website? Well, it’s, as you can probably tell. Think of it as sort of an “Oscar hub”, specifically an “Oscar TK hub”. You can find all the information right here, such as a work portfolio, social network information, and even subscribe to my mailing list.

I am a Creative Writing graduate with a broad industry experience. From general content writing services, online dating websites, literary agents, and video game publishers — I’ve been about a bit.

As well as writing myself, I also have editing, team management, and A/V experience. Combined this allows me to make silly and entertaining stuff that people enjoy. And hopefully will continue to do so.

During my university education I was taught by a lot of great writers that industry contacts have told me to name: these lovely people include Costa Award winning Nathan Filer, multi-award winning David Almond, and Man-Booker and Costa short-lister Gerard Woodward. Some of my tutors have spoken highly of me, such as “that’s a nice belt”. It was a pretty good belt.

I like to write about a lot of things. I even write about online dating sometimes. It’s sort of weird. I also write about writing, video games, and fiction of my own creation. Fiction-wise┬áI’m quite interested in sort of in-between spaces and things that aren’t quite just there but sort of over there just a little bit, like a badly parked car. Sometimes I like to indulge in a bit of humour, but I’m also perfectly fine with depressing things too.

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