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Gaming Diary: Hitman Beta, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Gears of War 2

This week was the kind of week that doesn’t end. So, I didn’t really have much time to play a whole load of stuff. But the stuff I did play was kinda intense, so that was good.

I played the Hitman Beta. That’s the Beta for the new Hitman, which is just called Hitman. I’ve always kind of liked the Hitman games, but I’ve never been that good at them. I find the old ones a little tough to play because the controls are kind of clunky, so it’s nice to see this one updating the gameplay but returning to the basics. This one is being released episodically though, with each new episode being a big map or something.

hitman_beta_1 Hitman Beta

Everything in the tutorial is “fake” like movie sets for the purpose of testing Agent 47. Though the fighter jet is real… for some reason…?

The Beta isn’t a big map, though. It’s a couple of small, tutorial maps. So it’s hard to tell how the structure of the proper game will actually work. But the gameplay is pretty good. It flows well from moment to moment, and I actually feel in control of what 47 is doing all the time. I’m just not good enough to do cool stuff in the older games, so any game that can make it feel easier to do that – to make those connections and flow – is great in my book. The core seems to be there, but the structure and presentation will be what makes or breaks it.

I also played some Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-, which I can’t talk too much about for various reasons. I’m not very good at it though. I mainly just played the new character (to Xrd), Johnny. Still, I had a lot of fun. I’m usually a BlazBlue person when it comes to ASW games, but the slick presentation and gameplay on offer has really won me over. I never really got into Sign due to the lackluster Europe release. I’ve only just dipped it, but I look forward to playing quite a bit of it in the future, and playing around with a whole bunch of the characters. Compared to the somewhat feature-poor initial release of Street Fighter V (which I’m still excited for), it seems that Revelator is packed with features, both for fighting game veterans and perhaps importantly also for genre newcomers. As someone who has fun with fighting games but is generally very bad, I appreciate that a lot.


My pal Johnny is on the right.

I also played some Gears of War 2. I have to say it’s quite nice to do away with the pretense the poor remaster, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, put on — and just jam on down to Xbox 360. My current preference of console is definitely PlayStation 4, but I do have to give the back compatibility thing to Xbox . It was very nicely handled, and greatly elevates the console. I played a bit of Gears of War 2 on release, but I appreciate it a bit more now I’ve gone through the first game. I’m not too far in it, but I think I’ll be sticking it out. I’m not sure I’d say it’s one of my favourite shooters, though I don’t play a lot of shooters, but there’s definitely a lot to appreciate with it that it doesn’t always get the credit for in some circles. I definitely respect the series in that regard.


I’ve never understood what Marcus is doing in this key art? What is he doing with his right hand?

What’s next for me? Well, I don’t know. I’d like to get into Street Fighter V, but it may just turn out I play it for a little bit, get bodied, and then fall away from it. I hope it’s a fighter I can pick up periodically and have fun with until something else comes along — that’s what I always did with Ultra Street Fighter IV. Thankfully I work in an office with other people who enjoying doing the punching games, so this will probably happen.

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