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Gaming Diary: Naruto, The Witness, Hand of Fate, Gears of War, Persona 2

This a new thing I’m doing. If I barely do anything one week, or it’s really uninteresting, I might not write about it. I’ll skip over boring stuff or whatever. Though as I work in the gaming industry you’d hope I’d have some stuff to say now and then. Which is the point of this blog I suppose!

I spent a lot of this week playing Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. I lapsed on the Manga partway through the Great Ninja War, after switching from the anime to the Manga around the second season of Naruto Shippuden. Too much filler, I guess.

010_1437139172 Oscar's Gaming Diary 2016 Week 5

It involves a lot of punching and stuff.

This game pretty much picks up the story from where I dropped it, so it was pretty cool to follow the Story Mode through to the end, and then revisit the key Naruto moments in the Adventure Mode. While in some instances it reminded me why I dropped it, it also reminded me of why I loved the series at one point, and brought me back into those folds. We also recorded a bunch of stuff with the game for Rice to follow off my review of the game, so it’s been a bit mega Naruto.

I only toyed around with Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst a little bit when that came out, and I’m almost tempted to dive back in now, though that could be entering the dark zone a little bit. After taking to Geraint about older Naruto games for Rice content I note really want to check out Ubisoft’s apparently Zelda-esque Naruto: Rise of a Ninja and Naruto: The Broken Bond Xbox 360 exclusives, though unfortunately neither are currently back compatible with Xbox One.

I played a bit of The Witness, but I’m not really getting into it. I appreciate it, but it’s just not the sort of game I want to put the time into. Earlier puzzles seem fum, but later ones look like they suck the joy out of some of the concepts. I get that exploring and looking around the island is meant to be part of the fun, but it almost feels like a bit of a hassle. If I want to do a puzzle I want to sit and do a puzzle. I know I’m almost certainly missing the point, and maybe my life will pan out I’m a way that one day I can melt into it and truly enjoy it, but for now I’d just rather play Everyday Genius: Square Logic, which for me is more Zen.

the-witness-10 Oscar's Gaming Diary 2016 Week 5

Witness the windmill.

I thought about playing, but did not play, several games. One being The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, as I’d like to get some more videos blind out of that with Dan for Rice before going solo. Instead I pulled out Persona 2: Innocent Sin on PSP on Vita once more. It’s not always a great idea to have multiple JRPGs on the go anyway. It’s still a good Persona follow up, though lacking the quality of the first game’s PSP port. I’m running around looking for the bombs in GOLD. I’ve now had this game ongoing for such a time that it feels like a nice steady drum in my life, a pleasing way to play an RPG, if not the most optimal.

p2innocentsin_screenshots_13 Oscar's Gaming Diary 2016 Week 5

This character is actually based on me.

I also played a bit of Hand of Fate, which I’ve been pretty interested in for some time. It’s free on Xbox Live’s Games With Gold at the moment, so it seemed like a good time to finally check it out. I’m always interested in card games and roguelikes, and this combines both. You play an Choose Your Own Adventure styled card game against a mysterious man, moving your adventurer over location cards and dealing with the consequences, ideally gaining rewards as you find the Stairs and eventually the deck’s boss – such as Gold, Food, Health, Equipment and so on. There is limited gameplay in the form of battle arenas or mini dungeons appearing. I’m not too far, but it seems like a lot of fun.

HoF_Screenshot_Beta_01 Oscar's Gaming Diary 2016 Week 5

If this image doesn’t excite you then I don’t know what will.

I also finally finished Gears of War Ultimate Edition. I enjoyed the Gears of War part of the experience, and didn’t really enjoy the Ultimate Edition part. It’s a pretty poor remaster to be honest. I’ve already written a review right here on this blog! Thanks to the pretty great promotion I also have the Xbox 360 digital versions of the rest of the Gears games I’d like to check out, but there’s also the Master Chief Collection too. As only a recent Xbox One owner, I’m feeling the need to Xbox it up with exclusives and justify the expensive purchase.

Gears-of-War-Ultimate-Edition-Xbox-One-screens-05 Oscar's Gaming Diary 2016 Week 5

Vanquish, of course, remains untouchable.

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