Mad Max – 7 Camp Capture and Clearing Tips

Mad Max’s camps form the backbone of the game, dotted around the Wasteland, giving Scrotus control over the region. While camps are often quite different and have a unique gimmick they are share the same principles. There are a lot of camps in the game. This Mad Max camp capture and clearing tips will help you with some general advice that will guide you through the shared basics of every camp in the game, and help you become a Wastelander to be feared when you roll up in the Magnum Opus to those gates, perimeter defences lying in tatters around you.

1. Types of camp

There are 37 camps in all. There are four different types of camp, which share the same basic principles:

  • Top Dog Camps – you’ll need to make it through the camp and defeat a boss at the end
  • Oil Pump Camps – you’ll need to make it through the camp and use explosives to destroy the oil pump(s) at the end
  • Transfer Tank Camps – you’ll need to destroy a certain amount of transfer tanks in a more open-ended camp using explosives
  • Stank Gum Camps – you’ll need to defeat all the enemies in the camp


2. Be wary of perimeter defences, but don’t feel you have to plan too much

The way perimeter defences are introduced in Mad Max makes it feel for a second like there’s more strategy to penetrating a camp than there is. Sure, it’s good to get those binoculars out, or the sniper scope, and mark the perimeter defences and war criers. You can also get deeper Intel from Wastelanders, marked by icons on the map, which will tell you of secrets in the camp, secret entrances, and other camp specific tips. Just knowing what’s ahead and sniping the snipers should fare you well enough to just drive in really fast, bringing down other structures as you go. Quite often the more fortified gates will have a secret entrance Max can squeeze through near the main gate, but it doesn’t save you much time, as stealth is pretty much non-existent besides letting you maybe get a free kill on one enemy.

3. Can’t find that last Stank Gum fighter? Reload

All games have bugs sometimes. Unfortunately this can be a pretty annoying one. In the Stank Gum camps your main objective will be to take out all the fighters. Sometimes one just won’t be found anywhere. This is probably because he didn’t load properly. Exit to the main menu and resume the game to be back in the camp with your progress kept, and any fighters mysteriously missing should be somewhere in the camp.


4. Stay healthy, and use gates to your advantage

Often there will be gates Max will need to kick down to progress. More often than not there are more enemies past these gates. If you’re low on health make sure you use the time you have to yourself to drink up some water, and to search the area available to you for more water or food.

5. Take out war criers ASAP

Nobody wants their enemies to get buffed by some guy hanging from a crane shouting abuse. If you can’t get a good angle to snipe the war criers from outside the camp (completely impossible in some cases, and very easy in others), then make sure you’re packing enough shotgun ammo to be able to run in and take them out before the fight even gets going. It is possible to break the crane holding them up during the fight, but pretty tough to do time-wise (though using a melee weapon will speed it up ever so slightly). If the camp is filled with thundersticks, one of those will work like a charm too.

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6. Missing collectibles? Run it backwards, at night, or both

Most camps have some kind of obvious linear way to progress through them. Try running it backwards if you missed something and the change in perspective will make it easier to spot hidden areas, or just things you overlooked before. The shiny gleam of collectibles can also make it easier to spot them if you come back to the camp at night

7. Missing a Scrotus Insignia? Look up

More often than not that last Scrotus Insignia or two will be hidden just out of sight on top of something – over doors, or just hanging on something quite high. In some cases you can use a thunderstick to blow these up, but in others you may need to use a precious shotgun bullet to take them out, but it’s worth it to see Scrotus’ symbol splinter into pieces.


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