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Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Let’s Play – City of the Daleks

If you live in the UK and watched Doctor Who around series 5 you might have heard of these games. You might have seen the brief advert at the end of some of the episodes and thought “huh that Doctor Who game looks kind of okay” and then completely forgot about it. They were available to download for free to UK residents, and available for purchase outside of the UK through the overly complex Direct2Drive if you didn’t know how to use a proxy or whatever. However, these are now available on Steam. Good job, BBC. They’ve been on Steam for a while now, long enough to be in bundles and sales and such anyway. You more than likely own these whether you realise it or not. Are they worth playing? Probably not. Also, they are no longer available to download for free from the BBC, which is annoying.

There are five games in the series, the first four forming “series 1”, and only one episode from “series 2” was released before the project was shelved in favour of console games like the also poorly received Eternity Clock. The Adventure Games have quite a lot of flaws, but hey, they were free and quite varied. I’d take these over the Eternity Clock any day.

Pictured: what the Eternity Clock thinks is a good character model Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Let's Play

Pictured: what the Eternity Clock thinks is a good character model

The Adventure games were developed by Sumo Digital, primarily written by Phil Ford (who has an impressive amount of Who under his belt), and produced by Gary Russell (also with an impressive Who track record). Maybe these games were good? Not really. But they’re not too terrible either. They all put out a kind of solid five-episode series of work. It’s just depressingly mediocre in implementation as an actual game though. They very much feel like the sort of free games you’d expect to find online, though with a little bit more love put into them.

So Why Video LP It?
Playing these games are just kind of a chore. They’re not very fun, and they’re kind of dumb in places. If there’s one thing I love it’s kind of mediocre and dumb stuff. My first LP, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was actually a pretty rad game if somewhat tedious. Adam’s Venture is just bad, which AngstyFerrets and I LP’d the first two episodes of. And, I love Doctor Who. I don’t know everything, but I care enough to listen to the odd audio drama. I’m that guy. AngstyFerrets really isn’t. Sometimes he might pop in to do some commentary with me. Other times it will just be me. There’s only so much I can expect him to take.

The freshest Cyberman you'll ever see (episode 2) Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Let's Play

The freshest Cyberman you’ll ever see (episode 2)

I’m getting déjà vu – didn’t you do this LP already?
Sort of. About a year and a half ago AngstyFerrets and I started to do this Let’s Play. We got two episodes in and then life happened. That’s what happens when you start a Let’s Play right before graduation. Luckily after that we didn’t end up have nothing to do except Let’s Play and instead got real busy with life stuff. Now I feel in a position to actually work on some stuff I want to do again. And I really want to showcase this game. It should be noted that I don’t have access to as great audio equipment as before, which I hope to change in future. This new OP already contains a brand new update – and gameplay footage is already done for the second of the five episodes.

Additional Info
-We’ll be making our way through all five of the Adventure Games, splitting each one up into three parts as they are just naturally split into three acts anyway
-We’ll be updating somewhere between once a week and once a fortnight
-We’ll be doing post-commentary, except if we don’t
-You can follow along the SomethingAwful thread here

City of the Daleks #1 – Ringo Unchained

City of the Daleks #2 – Dalek Hero

City of the Daleks #2 – Back to the Dalek

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