Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 Review – “Beyond Redemption”

This episode continues on from Oliver’s announcement that he plans to run for mayor. But overall this is an episode focused on the Lance family. Sara Lance has been revived by Laurel using the Lazarus Pit, in a state that seems far worse from anything Thea has had to go through. While in Star City Detective Lance is having problems with corrupt police in his department, and his meeting with Damian Dhark are also discovered by the Arrow team. On top of that, he also has to deal with Laurel having brought back to Star City too.

It’s great to see the relationship between Oliver and Captain Lance really thrown into the light. While Lance has known Oliver is the (Green) Arrow for some time now, it’s just something they’ve skirted around between one another for the most part. Here we get to see things laid bare, their relationship as both vigilante and police detective, and as Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance’s father examine. Lance has always been quite hard on Oliver, so it’s great to see the script flipped a little, and for Oliver to come down on Lance. It’s the kind of thing that feels like it would only work with this season, and the way certain dynamics have changed and progressed. It feels both natural and new.

arrow-4-2 Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 Review

While the actual main plot with the corrupt policemen isn’t that interesting, it’s still a good catalyst for the other characters to deal with some good situations, none more so than Detective Quentin Lance who gets a lot of focus this episode. It really is nice to see his character evaluated after quite a while just reacting to things. Now he’s got so much to react to that he simply needs to take some moments to reflect on himself, especially once it’s all over.

Meanwhile, on the island, Agent Conklin’s suspicions about Oliver continue to rise, and come to a head. He has a point, Reiter just suddenly deciding to let the stranded Oliver Queen be one of his guards is a little odd. And the evidence mounting against him is growing. So far Reiter hasn’t seemed fussed about it. Either he’s weirdly out of it, or knows something nobody else does yet. It’s hard to tell, and with how slow the island plot is moving this season it’s hard to know when we will. I suppose moving slower is kind of welcome after the eventual dragging of last season’s Hong Kong story.

arrow-redemption Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 Review

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